When it come to hard drive crashes, no one does it better. In fact, we have rendered hard drive crashes a thing of the past. Apple recognized that hard drives are slow and prone to crashing and abandoned then for a newer technology called Solid State Drives. While SSD's are more expensive, they are well worth it for 5 reasons.

  • Speed - Up to 100x faster
  • Reliability - No crash, no data loss
  • Longer battery life - No moving parts = less power consumption
  • Cheaper than buying a new Mac
  • Quiet and light
  • Lifetime warranty
Ok, so that's actually 6 reasons. You can read more about SSD's here

The entire industry has abandoned hard disk drives and any technician who recommends them has no business servicing Macs. We do not install JUNK into people's computers. Solid State is the only way to go and our certified  Apple SSD's are guaranteed to never crash.

Genuine Apple SSD's in stock


Sometimes people think along the lines of "I just need a basic computer" but let's face it, whether you're writing an essay or editing a video, nobody likes the spinning beach ball or waiting on pages to load. Max out your Mac's RAM and stop wasting precious time that you could allocate to more important things. Our RAM comes with a lifetime warranty.

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